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Wouldn't it be great if the library would notify you when we received new books that we think you might be interested in? Wouldn't it be convenient for you to have a personalized list of new arrivals to look over, every month?

Book Alert is our personalized new arrivals system. Each month, we will query our database and e-mail you notifications of new books in the collection which meet your criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the categories?

There are 45 categories, ranging from Architecture to Writing and Literature. They cover all of the Adult fiction and non-fiction in the collection.

How will you notify me? And how often?

We'll send you an e-mail once a month with all your picks in it. Typically, the e-mail will arrive around the middle of the month.

How many book titles will I receive?

That all depends on what categories you select! If you select Fiction, be prepared for a long e-mail. Other categories may have only one or two new titles per month.

What if I want to be notified about more than 10 categories?

Feel free to sign up more than once, and pick different categories.

Are all these books currently on shelf?

Maybe! These are new books, and they may already be on hold or checked out before you receive your Book Alert picks. We suggest you check the item's status in the catalog before coming in. If the item is currently checked out, feel free to put it on hold.

What if my e-mail changes, or I want to pick different categories?

No problem! Simply update your profile by logging into Book Alert using your library barcode and phone number. You can update and change your profile at any time.

How do I stop getting e-mails?

Simply click on Remove Me from Book Alert and we'll delete your profile.

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