New Mystery Titles

A front page affair / Radha Vatsal. (Mystery)

Radha Vatsal's A Front Page Affair is the first book in highly anticipated series featuring rising journalism star Kitty Weeks.
A killer ball at Honeychurch Hall / Hannah Dennison. (Mystery)

In Hannah Dennison's Murder at Honeychurch Hall, Kat Stanford is just days away from starting her dream antique business with her newly widowed mother Iris when she gets a huge shock.
All murders final! / Sherry Harris. (Mystery)

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An old-fashioned murder : a moonshine mystery / Carol Miller. (Mystery)

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Antiques fate / Barbara Allan. (Mystery)

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Aunt Dimity and the buried treasure / Nancy Atherton. (Mystery)

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Better dead / Max Allan Collins. (Mystery)

His main lead is an army scientist working for the C.I.A. who admits to Heller that he's been having misgivings about the work he's doing and elliptically referring to the Cold War making World War II look like a tea party.
Bloodroot : a Martha's Vineyard mystery / Cynthia Riggs. (Mystery)

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Books of a feather : a bibliophile mystery / Kate Carlisle. (Mystery)

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Death at breakfast / Beth Gutcheon. (Mystery)

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Diana's altar / Barbara Cleverly. (Mystery)

The Cartel is a story of revenge, honor, and sacrifice, as one man tries to face down the devil without losing his soul. It is the story of the war on drugs and the men - and women - who wage it.
Gold of our fathers / Kwei Quartey. (Mystery)

Darko Dawson, Chief Inspector in the Ghana police service, returns in this atmospheric crime series often compared to Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels.
Knit to be tied / Maggie Sefton. (Mystery)

When Adam Dalgliesh and his team are called in to investigate the murder -- and a second death occurs -- even more complicated problems than the question of innocence or guilt arise.
Margaret Truman's deadly medicine : a capital crimes novel / Donald Bain. (Mystery)

A trio of mystery novels set against the backdrop of the nation's capital come together in an omnibus edition that includes Murder in the Supreme Court, Murder in the House, and Murder in the CIA, in which a CIA agent sets out to uncover ...
Mrs. Malory and death is a word : a Sheila Malory mystery / Hazel Holt. (Mystery)

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Newlywed dead / Nancy J. Parra. (Mystery)

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Rock-a-bye bones / Carolyn Haines. (Mystery)

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Soft summer blood / Peter Helton. (Mystery)

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Straw man : a Jack McMorrow mystery / Gerry Boyle. (Mystery)

The Same Old Story (1847) tells the story of Alexander Aduyev who leaves the idyllic setting of his home in the country to seek his fortune and make a career in St. Petersburg under the guidance and protection of his uncle, a government ...
Tall tail : a Mrs. Murphy mystery / Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown ; illustrated by Michael Gellatly. (Mystery)

In a story written from Sneaky Pie's perspective, the intrepid feline sleuth temporarily halts her busy writing career to run for President, a campaign marked by a revolutionary animal-rights agenda and a frisky flock of prospective cabinet ...
Tea with jam and dread / Tamar Myers. (Mystery)

Filled with Elvis-loving drag queens, Blue Hawaii cocktails, and a vibrating, velveteen bed, these stories tell the tales of three women with a knack for solving mysteries who opt to spend their holidays in the home of the King.
The final tap / Amanda Flower. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The highwayman / Craig Johnson. (Mystery)

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The night the rich men burned / Malcolm Mackay. (Mystery)

But it is those they love who will suffer most . . . The Night the Rich Men Burned is a novel for our times, and Mackay's most ambitious work to date, proving that in Glasgow's criminal underworld, there's nothing so terrifying as money.
The night wanderer / Alys Clare. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The singer from Memphis / Gary Corby. (Mystery)

Fans of his Man Booker Prize--winning novel will recognize familiar themes from that seafaring phenomenon, but the itinerary in this imaginative new book is entirely fresh. . .
The strings of murder / Oscar de Muriel. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Time of fog and fire / Rhys Bowen. (Mystery)

Embarking on a cross-country journey with her young son, Molly can't fathom what's in store for her, but she knows it might be dangerous - in fact, it might put all of their lives at risk, in Rhys Bowen's Time of Fog and Fire.
Walleye Junction / Karin Salvalaggio. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Zigzag : a Nameless Detective collection / Bill Pronzini. (Mystery)

The final work, Revenant, is another original novella and entangles Nameless in a weird crime with fearful occult overtones.