New Mystery Titles

A premonition of murder / Mary Kennedy. (Mystery)

When Abigail Marchand, Savannah's famously reclusive heiress, invites the Dream Club ladies to lunch at her Beaux Reeves mansion, Taylor and Ali hope for an invitation to join the distinguished Magnolia Society.
A toxic trousseau / Juliet Blackwell. (Mystery)

Includes an excerpt from A ghostly light.
Another one goes tonight : a Peter Diamond investigation / Peter Lovesey. (Mystery)

Whenever a police car is involved in an accident, the matter must be taken very seriously. Inspector Peter Diamond is assigned to look into the case.
As death draws near / Anna Lee Huber. (Mystery)

The latest mystery from the national bestselling author of A Study in Death tangles Lady Kiera Darby and Sebastian Gage in a dangerous web of religious and political intrigue.
Avoidable contact / Tammy Kaehler. (Mystery)

Racecar driver Kate Reilly is suited up and ready for the start of the legendary 24 Hours of Daytona.
Boar Island / Nevada Barr. (Mystery)

Since Anna is about to start her new post as Acting Chief Ranger at Acadia National Park in Maine, the three will join her and stay at a house on the cliff of a small island near the park, Boar Island. But the stalker follows them east.
Braking points : a Kate Reilly mystery / Tammy Kaehler. (Mystery)

From on-track action, to sponsor parties, to the Series awards banquet, she's part of the action, uncovering motives, secrets, and powerful ambitions. Ultimately she learns no one can escape the past - but only a murderer is driven by it.
Buffalo jump blues : a Sean Stranahan mystery / Keith McCafferty. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Burn what will burn : a novel / CB McKenzie. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Charcoal Joe : an Easy Rawlins mystery / by Walter Mosley. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
City of jackals / Parker Bilal. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Dead man's switch : a Kate Reilly racing mystery / Tammy Kaehler. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Die like an eagle : a Meg Langslow mystery / Donna Andrews. (Mystery)

This novel swept up the Agatha, Anthony, Barry, and a Romantic Times award for best first novel, and a Lefty for funniest mystery.
Dressed to kilt / Hannah Reed. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Drinking gourd : a Benjamin January mystery / Barbara Hambly. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Fatal pursuit / Martin Walker. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Final fondue / Maya Corrigan. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Grilled for murder / Maddie Day. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
I shot the Buddha / Colin Cotterill. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Knit your own murder / Monica Ferris. (Mystery)

But if Betsy is going to uncover the real murderer's identity, she must first untangle the knots Maddy made in her relationships throughout her life& F
Midnight crossing : a mystery / Tricia Fields. (Mystery)

But if Betsy is going to uncover the real murderer's identity, she must first untangle the knots Maddy made in her relationships throughout her life&
Murder at the Loch : a Langham and Duprâe mystery / Eric Brown. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder has nine lives / Laura Levine. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder most fowl / Edith Maxwell. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder never knocks : a Mike Hammer novel / Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder on the Quai / Cara Black. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder under the covered bridge / Elizabeth Perona. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Red flags / Tammy Kaehler. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Sidney Chambers and the dangers of temptation / James Runcie. (Mystery)

Charming, witty, intelligent, and filled with a strong sense of compassion, here are six new stories guaranteed to satisfy and delight this clerical detective's many fans.
Something's knot kosher / Mary Marks. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Spells and scones / Bailey Cates. (Mystery)

The whole spellbook club is going to the event, curious about the book (and maybe to sample some goodies), but the final chapter comes too soon for the author when she is found dead at the event. a The prime suspect is Angie Kissel, a ...
Stealing people / Robert Wilson. (Mystery)

Book 3 in the Charles Boxer Series Charlie Boxer, an expert at solving kidnappings, and his ex-wife Detective Mercy Dunqah are tasked with taking down a bold and heartless crime syndicate responsible for the abduction of six children.
Stealing the Countess / David Housewright. (Mystery)

McKenzie attempts to locate a stolen Stradivarius violin.
The Baker Street jurors / Michael Robertson. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The cat, the wife and the weapon / Leann Sweeney. (Mystery)

When her friend Tom goes missing and a dead body is found in his car, quilter Jillian Hart, along with a trio of cats and an intrepid rat terrier, will stop at nothing to find the truth before someone else turns up dead.
The devil's cold dish / Eleanor Kuhns. (Mystery)

Will Rees is back home on his farm in 1796 Maine with his teenage son, his pregnant wife, their five adopted children, and endless farm work under the blistering summer sun.
The diva serves high tea / Krista Davis. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The graveyard of the Hesperides / Lindsey Davis. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The Great revolt / Paul Doherty. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The masquerading magician : an accidental alchemist mystery / Gigi Pandian. (Mystery)

Zoe Faust works to decipher an ancient alchemy book before living gargoyle Dorian Robert-Houdin is trapped in stone forever, while a night out at a magic show ends in a murder with ties to crimes from Portland's past.
The women of the Souk : a Mamur Zapt mystery / Michael Pearce. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Think wolf / Michael Gregorio. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Title wave / Lorna Barrett. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Vita brevis : a crime novel of the Roman Empire / Ruth Downie. (Mystery)

(no summary available)