New Mystery Titles

A puzzle to be named later : a Puzzle Lady mystery / Parnell Hall. (Mystery)

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Buried in the country / Carola Dunn. (Mystery)

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Crimson snow : winter mysteries / edited by Martin Edwards. (Mystery)

The resulting volume is an entertaining and atmospheric compendium of wintry delights.
Dead and breakfast / Kate Kingsbury. (Mystery)

West coast setting, B&B with a secret room and a skeleton. What s not to love? This book is so well done it almost reads itself. Treat yourself to the first in a new seriesa must read.
Death on the Patagonian Express / Hy Conrad. (Mystery)

"A delightful new series." - Booklist, starred review Fanny and Amy's new blog is attracting first-class opportunities for the mother-and-daughter team and their NYC travel agency.
Death, taxes, and sweet potato fries / Diane Kelly. (Mystery)

SHE HAS AN APPETITE FOR JUSTICE. But this time IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway is in over her head - and challenging every dietary law in the book. . .
For time and all eternities / Mette Ivie Harrison. (Mystery)

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Laidlaw / by William McIlvanney. (Mystery)

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Nasty cutter / Tim O'Mara. (Mystery)

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Old bones / Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. (Mystery)

With a murder twenty years in the past, this is the coldest of cold cases. Most of the suspects are now dead too, and all passion is long spent. Or is it?
Pursuit in Provence / Phyllis Gobbell. (Mystery)

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Rather be the devil : a novel / Ian Rankin. (Mystery)

A twisted tale of power, corruption, and bitter rivalries in the dark heart of Edinburgh, Rather Be the Devil showcases Rankin and Rebus at their unstoppable best.
Ruined abbey : a mystery / Anne Emery. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Secrets and shamrocks / Phyllis Gobbell. (Mystery)

The second book in the Jordan Mayfair Mystery Series finds our Savannah architect immersed in secrets, but in so much more--the history, music, passions, and the indomitable spirit of the Irish who never forget.
She stopped for death / Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Six four / Hideo Yokoyama ; translated from the Japanese by Jonathan Lloyd-Davies. (Mystery)

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Storm cell / Brendan DuBois. (Mystery)

In award-winning author Brendan DuBois' new mystery novel, defense analyst Lewis Cole must try to save a close friend from a death row murder conviction.
The chosen : a novel / Kristina Ohlsson ; translated by Marlaine Delargy. (Mystery)

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The corpse wore tartan / Kaitlyn Dunnett. (Mystery)

Can there be such a thing as too many men in kilts?
The dangerous ladies affair / Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini. (Mystery)

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The elusive elixir / Gigi Pandian. (Mystery)

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The knife slipped / by Erle Stanley Gardner writing under the name A.A. Fair. (Mystery)

Lost for more than 75 years, The Knife Slipped was meant to be the second book in the series, but shelved when Gardner's publisher objected to (among other things) Bertha Cool's tendency to "talk tough, swear, smoke cigarettes, and try to ...
The Oslo conspiracy : a thriller / Asle Skredderberget ; translated by Paul Norlen. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The Ripper's shadow : a Victorian mystery / Laura Joh Rowland. (Mystery)

Laura Joh Rowland reinvents the story of Jack the Ripper in a wholly unexpected way.
The second woman / Kenneth Cameron. (Mystery)

But involving himself in the life and death of Lydia Alken will prove more dangerous than he could have imagined, as Denton himself falls victim to the fledgling British Intelligence Service and discovers exactly what the price of freedom ...
The silent dead / Tetsuya Honda ; translated by Giles Murray. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Third time's a crime / Diana Orgain. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
What you break / Reed Farrel Coleman. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Where I can see you / by Larry D. Sweazy. (Mystery)

As Hud gets closer to discovering the truth about the crimes, he has to face a choice of enforcing the law, or stepping outside of it to make sure that his version of justice is served.