New Mystery Titles

A catered Mother's Day : a mystery with recipes / Isis Crawford. (Mystery)

It's Mother's Day in sleepy Longley, New York, and this year, catering sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons help a friend--who happens to be an overworked and underappreciated mom--go to extreme lengths to teach her family a lesson.
A good way to go / Peter Helton. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Aunt Dimity and the Summer King / Nancy Atherton. (Mystery)

Cozy mystery lovers' favorite paranormal sleuth is back with her twentieth otherworldly adventure There's trouble in Finch.
Buy a whisker : a second chance cat mystery Sofie Ryan. (Mystery)

Sarah Grayson is the happy proprietor of Second Chance, a charming shop in the oceanfront town of North Harbor, Maine.
Dae's Christmas past / by Joyce and Jim Lavene. (Mystery)

Miss Ophelia Flax is a Victorian actress who knows all about making quick changes and even quicker exits.
Ghost image / Ellen Crosby. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Grave consequences / David and Aimâee Thurlo. (Mystery)

When he's unable to produce any proof of this tale, Charlie is immediately suspicious and sticks by the golden pawnbroker rule: No claim ticket, no exchange.
Killer in the kitchen : a Murder she wrote mystery : a novel / by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain. (Mystery)

Jessica loves the Leg & Claw restaurant, owned by young couple Brad and Marci.
Manhattan in miniature : a miniature mystery / Margaret Grace. (Mystery)

As soon as Gerry Porter and her granddaughter, Maddie, 11, land in New York City, there are signs of trouble.
Off kilter / Hannah Reed. (Mystery)

While visiting the picturesque village of Glenkillen in the Scottish Highlands, Eden Elliott has a hair-raising experience when she stumbles upon the dead body of the town's sheep shearer who was murdered with his own shears.
Reykjavik nights / Arnaldur Indridason ; translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb. (Mystery)

His latest book in the series, Strange Shores, was nominated for the 2014 Crime Writers of America Gold Dagger Award.
Rock with wings / Anne Hillerman. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Slated for death / Elizabeth J. Duncan. (Mystery)

Elizabeth J. Duncan's Slated for Death is a wonderful traditional mystery with snappy dialogue, lively characters and an enchanting setting.
Spell booked / Joyce and Jim Lavene. (Mystery)

To pass on their cherished spellbook, Molly, Elsie and Olivia must recruit and train three new witches, but when Olivia is murdered and the spellbook is stolen, Molly and Elsie must call upon all of their powers to stop a dangerous young ...
Tails, you lose : a Witch City mystery / Carol J. Perry. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The alpine zen : an Emma Lord mystery / Mary Daheim. (Mystery)

Now, with The Alpine Zen, Mary Daheim has at last reached the anticipated letter of Z. Her legion of avid armchair sleuths will relish this deliciously gripping novel.
The children return / Martin Walker. (Mystery)

Bruno must investigate the activities of a terrorist network threatening St. Denis when Sami, a local autistic youth who had been thought lost to Islamic extremism, returns with valuable al-Queda intelligence and his former jihadist ...
The masque of a murderer : a mystery / Susanna Calkins. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The postman always purls twice / Anne Canadeo. (Mystery)

The Black Sheep, an attentive audience to this tangled drama, are determined to unmask the real villain of this story before they can eliminate another member of this deadly cast.
The Readaholics and the falcon fiasco : a book club mystery / Laura DiSilverio. (Mystery)

In her riveting follow-up to Death at the Chateau Bremont and Murder in the Rue Dumas, M. L. Longworth evokes the sights and sounds of late-summer Provence, where the mistral blows and death comes in the most unexpected places.
Wicked stitch an embroidery mystery / Amanda Lee. (Mystery)

When murder strikes the small town of Tallulah Falls, embroidery shop owner Marcy Singer isn't afraid of getting down to the knitty-gritty to clear her name.