New Mystery Titles

A death along the River Fleet / Susanna Calkins. (Mystery)

Lucy Campion, a ladies' maid turned printer's apprentice in 17th-century London, is crossing Holborn Bridge over the most vile portion of the River Fleet one morning when she encounters a distraught young woman, barely able to speak and ...
Aunty Lee's chilled revenge / Ovidia Yu. (Mystery)

Wise, witty, and charming, Aunty Lee's Delights is a spicy mystery about love, friendship, and food in Singapore, where money flows freely and people of many religions and ethnicities coexist peacefully, but where tensions lurk just below ...
Blood orange / Susan Wittig Albert. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Bossa novas, bikinis, and bad ends / Mary McHugh (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Death of a bacon heiress / Lee Hollis. (Mystery)

For food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell, becoming a local culinary celebrity opens lots of doors.
Death sits down to dinner : a mystery / Tessa Arlen. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Disturbing the dark : a Maggie MacGowen mystery / Wendy Hornsby. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Gone with the witch : a wishcraft mystery / Heather Blake. (Mystery)

Darcy and her dog Missy are determined to put their best foot forward at the Enchanted Village's annual pet contest.
In the cold dark ground / Stuart MacBride. (Mystery)

The new Logan McRae novel.
Murder at Lambswool Farm / Sally Goldenbaum. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder at the 42nd Street library / Con Lehane. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder in Morningside Heights : a gaslight mystery / Victoria Thompson. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Murder on the bucket list / Elizabeth Perona. (Mystery)

Noel Rue and her husband Lance lead busy lives, juggling their work at the Midwest Primate Sanctuary with the task of protecting their teen foster daughter, Natasha.
Murder on the hour : a Penny Brannigan mystery / Elizabeth J. Duncan. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Quiet neighbors : a novel / Catriona McPherson. (Mystery)

Quiet, but not silent. The long dead and the books they left behind both have tales to tell and the dusty rooms of the bookshop are not the haven they seem to be.
Rebel without a cake / Jacklyn Brady. (Mystery)

Halloween is approaching, and Zydeco Cakes co-owners Rita Lucero and her former mother-in-law, Miss Frankie, have scored a fantastic catering opportunity.
Robert B. Parker's Slow burn : a Spenser novel / Ace Atkins. (Mystery)

In this gripping New York Times bestseller, Kathleen Grissom brings to life a thriving plantation in Virginia in the decades before the Civil War, where a dark secret threatens to expose the best and worst in everyone tied to the estate.
Seams like murder / Betty Hechtman. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Speakers of the dead / J. Aaron Sanders. (Mystery)

The year is 1843, the place, New York City.
The accidental alchemist / Gigi Pandian. (Mystery)

Pandian sets this series apart from other fluffy paranormal mysteries with Zoe's cute nonhuman sidekick and some mouthwatering vegan recipes.
The age of treachery : a Duncan Forrester mystery / Gavin Scott. (Mystery)

It is the winter of 1946, and after years of war, ex-Special Operations Executive agent Duncan Forrester is back at his Oxford college as a junior Ancient History Fellow.
The art of murder : a dead-end job mystery / Elaine Viets. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
The body in the wardrobe / Katherine Hall Page. (Mystery)

Another delightful entry in the beloved mystery series, complete with delectable recipes. Attorney Sophie Maxwell has come to Savannah to be with her new husband, Will.
The last Moriarty : a Sherlock Holmes thriller / by Charles Veley. (Mystery)

For Holmes and Watson, this is the case that will change everything. Revised edition: This edition of The Last Moriarty includes editorial revisions.
The woman in blue : a Ruth Galloway mystery / Elly Griffiths. (Mystery)

(no summary available)
Weave of absence / Carol Ann Martin. (Mystery)

The latest novel in the national bestselling Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery series Yarn shop owner Kath Rutledge is at a historic farm in Blue Plum, Tennessee, volunteering for the high school program Hands on History.